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Are you looking for a therapist to help you stop feeling anxious or depressed?

Are you ready to experience healing and freedom from toxic relationships and trauma from the past?

Individual Counseling with

Patricia Andershock, LMFT

Meet Patricia

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I know that we can feel helpless sometimes when we feel anxious or consumed with worry. And, we can't seem to figure out how to escape the uncomfortable way that we are feeling inside. 

But there is hope!

I have seen clients who have been struggling with anxiety for more than twenty years, and I am grateful to share that most of them have recovered from chronic worry and anxiety through psychotherapy with me. 

I have also counseled many people who experienced trauma while living with toxic parents or partners, and I have had the opportunity to support them in healing their wounds while learning how to grow through self compassion.


Many people do not seek counseling until their lives become unmanageable.

Wouldn't it be better to get help now, rather than allowing your problems to get even worse?

I can meet you in your current crisis, or uncomfortable life situation, provide a safe and accepting place for you to begin to explore your feelings and experience, and then together we can work towards bringing you into personal fulfillment and healing.

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Possible results from counseling with me:

reduced anxiety

increased optimistic outlook

freedom from worry

healing of your emotions

hope for your future 

What I Specialize In



Healing from Toxic Relationships

Trauma Recovery

Mindfulness & Radical Self- Acceptance

Writing on Beach

Are you ready to begin your journey to healing today?

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