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Counseling for Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Do you ever feel like anxiety is overwhelming your life?

I know how it can sometimes feel overwhelming to live with worry or fear.

When we feel anxious, it can be more difficult to concentrate at work, or enjoy the things that used to make us happy. 

We often feel alone in our anxiety, and can begin to withdraw ourselves from relationships and activities that were once meaningful to us.

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If you would like to eliminate anxiety from your life, I'd like to help.

I know how it feels to be worried and overwhelmed in life. For some of us, our anxious feelings may even lead to panic attacks. We may then begin to lose our ability to enjoy life, and soon find our daily living effected by the strong feelings of hopelessness and despair that may accompany excessive anxiety.

Your first step is to acknowledge your need to heal from anxiety

Maybe you're struggling with excessive worry that just won't go away and you're tired of trying to distract yourself from the anxiety that seems to be following you around. Perhaps you've had a panic attack, or several, and your life has become increasingly uncomfortable to the point where you don't even want to leave your home at times.

Sometimes, we may feel pressured to live our lives as if nothing has happened, regardless of how strongly we're feeling our symptoms. Meanwhile, we may be suffering in a lonely experience of trying to cover up our feelings of helpless despair or chronic anxiety.

When we're challenged with strong feelings of anxiety, it may be difficult to imagine that we can ever feel better, or to believe that anyone can understand us and help us recover.

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I can help you get over the symptoms of anxiety and chronic worrying.

You can heal!

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You're welcome to call me, and we can talk together about what's going on in your life. I am available for a free 15-minute telephone consultation. I can be reached at: 310-561-0358, or click the button below to schedule a counseling session with me.

I know how it can be hard to request support, and I commend you for beginning to take yourself on the journey towards healing. Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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